Your selfless service can change the life of some bright minds. Volunteer with us and spread a word about Learning By Locals to help us gather like minded individuals who are interested in our positive action. There are various ways you can contribute to our cause.

Why volunteer for us?

Volunteers are more than mere muscle of the NGO. They contribute to the brain of the NGO and have a chance to give some virtues back to society. It provides an opportunity to develop new skills and make a difference in the lives of others. It gives you a chance to give time away from home or a busy lifestyle. Volunteer with us Contribute your time and meet young minds eager to learn. Volunteering will enrich you more than you can imagine.

Volunteering with Learning By Locals you can express yourself to young bright minds and simultaneously provide exposure and confidence to the children which would contribute to the holistic education of our children. Volunteering with us is would provide an experience for working with a dedicated organisation. Apart from developing interactive skills, working with us would provide you to built strong connections with many like-minded people, giving you a chance to socialise. You also get a chance to interact with our kids and their curiosity might overwhelm you!

Get in touch with us and join our growing family. We would be happy to be associated with you. You can volunteer with us, provide assistance and support to students in multiple ways and come and spend quality time with