Sachin Kumar

Sachin joined Learning by Locals with a mission to learn, improve and teach English to students. He has worked hard and been a dependable teacher to our students. He is studying Business Management and Administration, at Bunker Hill Community College, in Boston. He wants to become a motivational speaker.

It is LBL’s wish that with support and guidance, every student of ours becomes a success story.


Arpita has been a dedicated member, student and coordinator with Learning by Locals. With over two years of experience with LBL, she learned English through our classes and volunteered her time to help support the organization. She is studying media and animation at Houston Community College, in Texas. Her dream is to become an animator.

Amisha’s and Seema’s

We are pursuing Electronic and Communication engineering from Meera Bai institute of technology. During this course, we got the chance to do an internship of one month at Sanju Bhaiyaa’s Company which is called KING NETWORK. During our Internship period, we got this great opportunity to learn all about Networking. Today, we have a good knowledge in networking and it is definitely going to help us in the future. We are highly grateful to Krishna Sir who gave us his precious time and taught us a lot of valuable lessons. Also, undying gratitude to Learning By Locals because it provided us with a platform to learn different things and connect with different people who are always helping us to achieve our dreams and move forward in life.”

Akshay Sharma

Mr Akshay Sharma renders his services like the computer teacher at our centre. He is also helpful in handling some of the administrative work of the NGO. He learnt Computers from the Indian Habitat Learning Centre. Being one of the most responsible and hardworking colleagues, he has always tried to help the NGO in every possible manner. He is always motivated and focused. He has been volunteering in our NGO since September 2018. We are glad to have Mr Akshay as our member. He has taught various important skills to our children like Ms-Word, Ms-Excel, Ms-PowerPoint, etc which are very much needed in today’s professional life. Students enjoyed a lot in Ms-Paint classes.

Bithika Sarkar

Meet 17 year old Bithika, a student & a volunteer of Learning by Locals (LBL). Previously, an introvert, Bithika, shares how 3 years of involvement with LBL has changed her into a more outgoing and confident person. She now feels more comfortable interacting with people from various backgrounds and gives credit to LBL for helping her improve her communication skills along with providing her the exposure of meeting new people. When asked why she chose to stay and be a volunteer, she stated, “We don’t have to pay to learn here so we learn and we give back. Hopefully this continues” Bhitika also learnt management skills by organizing events at LBL. One of her fondest memories is of that one time she got to perform at Kamani Auditorium at an event of Manzil, an Youth?Led Learning Center NGO, from LBL. Bithika, who is studying in 12th grade, aspires to be Doctor in future.