Pradeep Kumar


Pradeep was born and raised in Delhi. When he graduated from 12th grade, he did not know how to speak English. With the help of Manzil, he learned English and went on to work in the tourism industry. With his English and experience, he He did not know how to speak in English about 11 years ago when he finished his 12th grade. He likes to Helps with coordinator work and events at Learning by Locals

Anand Prakash


Anand Prakash is the photography teacher at Learning by Locals. He is a filmmaker, musician and sound designer. In the year 2011-2012 he participated in the Community College Initiative Program and went to Scottsdale Community College in Arizona, United States to study sound and film making. He has been working professionally for the past five years for many big brands like Airtel, Shell, Nikon etc. He also runs his own film production company with the name Raagablues Studios. He was excited by the concept of starting an organisation that helps children learn new things beyond school books and later help them to find professional guidance and make them aware of the internship and job opportunities available in their respective field of choice. He believes is is crucial to provide professional guidance to students who will soon pass out of 12th grade. He knowsthat with proper guidance, students can become then they ever could have imagined for themselves and for their communities.


 Chander Chauhan 


Chander Chauhan is the Coordinator and Accountant at Learning by Locals. Chander grew up in Sanjay Colony where the center is located. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Commerce from Indira Gandhi National Open University. Chander joined Learning by Locals because he loves helping and engaging with his community. He hopes someday to found his own NGO to do social work in the village in Haryana where he was born. For him, Learning by Locals is a home – where one can learn more about themselves and their own strengths and qualities. When he is not working and making new friends at Learning by Locals, he enjoys bike riding, cooking, dancing, cricket and social media.

Alka Sharma

Alka Sharma is board member and former english teacher at Learning by Locals. She has her diploma in civil engineering and is now pursuing Bachelors of Technology in civil engineering. Alka is currently d by a consulting company in Delhi. She was motivated to join Learning by Locals to help students develop not only their English, but their interpersonal skills. She understands how important these are in the professional world. Alka believes it is our moral duty to share and to help others learn, when you have been privileged to learn yourself. When she is not working or teaching, you can find dancing, meeting new people, and reading books.

Lalit Saini

Lalit is joined Learning by Locals through its partner organization Manzil. He himself joined as a student of English and greatly benefited from the programming of an education NGO. Lalit currently runs his own film academy called “Filmart.” Lalit supports Learning by Locals with their curriculum planning and graphic design. Lalit designed Learning by Local’s logo.



Biswajit is an advisor to Learning by Locals. He was born and raised in Calcutta and works at Oberoi hotel.