Our Story

Learning by Locals is an education based NGO. It is the sister organisation of the travel company Delhi by Locals, both of which were started by Pradeep Kumar. The aim of this NGO is to educate and empower the youth. This will be done by providing students with the right opportunities and honing their practical skills, and helping them take the necessary steps required to achieve their life goals. Our NGO is based in Sanjay Colony in Delhi and is open to anyone who is at the age of 14 or above. We believe that it is starting at this age that people are the most confused and require the right kind of guidance to get them going.



Through this NGO, we aim to help the youth with the following:


  • English language required for practical purposes.
  • Computer Skills.
  • Training required to build employable skills.
  • Workshops to educate the students about life skills, social issues and other important issues.
  • Job and internship opportunities, through the network that we have built over the years.
  • Starting businesses, through the experience that we have gathered.
  • Education outside of the classroom, through trips outside of Delhi as well as events held within Delhi. As we believe that
  • this is an extremely effective form of learning.

This NGO was started due to the love that Pradeep has for helping others. He has been working with several NGOs in Delhi and he wanted to make use of the knowledge he had gathered, to start his own NGO. He has an undying love for this city, and has learnt quite a lot through NGOs such as Manzil. When he started Delhi by Locals, he wanted to give back to the local community that he felt had helped him through his youth and provided him with great opportunities, including the chance to complete a certificate course in the US for a year. Thus, he decided that 50% of the profits from Delhi by Locals would go towards the empowerment of the youth. He started Learning by Locals in Sanjay Colony, an area that holds incredible potential or learning. He has been teaching in that area for quite some time and realises the need for guidance that young adults require.

As a team, Learning by Locals has connections with several other NGOs doing good work in Delhi. We all endeavour to support each other as we are all working towards a common goal: the empowerment of society.

We welcome, all sorts of questions, volunteers and ideas from you.

‚Äč After all, we are learning too.