Emerge Fellowship

Sudha Jaijaniya

Sudha hails from Shamli in Uttar Pradesh and is currently pursuing the final year of her B.A. degree. After moving to Delhi, she did a basic computer course at India Habitat Learning Center and worked as librarian at Manzil, Khan Market. She describes herself as honest, hardworking, simple, calm, quiet and family oriented. She wants to be self reliant and is thus honing her skills with the Emerge Fellowship program.


K pop is what tinkles Saloni, and this has ignited her interest in Korean language. As an introvert who is nervous around strangers and not talkative, she is working towards improving her English Communication skills. With the EM program not only does she want to improve her skills in English Communication and Computers, she also wants to overcome her inhibitions. She aspires to be financially strong, travel in particular to South Korea and save money for the future.

Preeti Kashyap

Internalising is her strength, and she is thus able to understand her strengths and weaknesses. With the EM program she is working on improving herself both inside and outside. Naughty as a child, she is now conscious of her surroundings and wants to start an NGO of her own, where she can make a positive impact. Of course she wants to be financially independent and own her own house, and one of the rooms in the house will be for HER only.

Preeti Kanaujia

Having finished her undergraduate graduation in Commerce, Preeti is pursuing a B.Ed. program and aspires to be a teacher. In pursuit of the same dream, she has been tutoring young children at home since 2016. She is pushing herself to be consistent in work, to manage her time better and to keep learning. LBL gave her the basic learning tools and now with EM she aspires to be efficient and earn the title of “slow and steady, but wins the race..”


She dreams to be in New York one day, the travel funded by her own earnings. She also dreams of being able to gift her parents a house of their own and make them super comfortable as they age. Only 16 years old, Nisha is ambitious and wants to be a teacher like her uncle whom she idolizes. While she loves to read, sing and dance, she finds dancing to be closest to her heart.


Megha hails from Bihar and is currently pursuing the 2nd year of her under graduation in Delhi University. She is sensitive, empathetic and easily gets impacted by the ones she loves. She internalises a lot and knows her weaknesses. By pursuing the EM program, she is determined to bring big changes in herself.


Having graduated from Delhi University, she is now doing MS in Political Science from IGNOU. She is very objective, yet compassionate, and always finishes what she starts. she is equipping herself with all kinds of information and knowledge, in prep for Government job exams. Cooking and stitching are her hobbies and in her free time, you will find her stitching clothes or making a new dish for the family dinner. Being positive and punctual help her in achieving her goals while honesty and hard work complement her skills.


Diksha is in 12th std with an uncertain result, as COVID has limited the possibility of exams and results. She is immersed in the EM program to develop skills, and get a direction for herself. She wants to be a professional and not be stuck at home doing household work. She is working toward the scholarship program that will take her to the USA for a year of learning at the Community College, and be able to redefine her life. Her family is conservative and keeps her home bound, this is why she keeps herself stimulated by reading about people like Dr. Kalam or watching motivational and inspirational videos.


Having joined LBL as a student in 2017, she picked up basic computer skills and now volunteers there. Having finished 12th standard at the brink of the COVID lockdown, she is working on her skills and abilities to make herself employable. She wants to become a teacher. She is chatty and loves to meet new people. The best moment of her life was when she once performed in the theatre.

Baby Gaura

Her base principle is to learn and teach and second is to live and let live. She dreams of starting a college where the academic score is not on the basis of admission. Liberal in thought, she has performed for the LGBT community and respects neuters. She loves little children and can keep them engaged for hours with stories, art and games. She has had varied job experiences from being a receptionist to teaching at an NGO. Tomorrow’s Baby Gaura will be an independent, self thinking person, who will travel and write her experiences. She is working on her English skills to accomplish her dreams.
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