Learning by Locals

Learning by Locals is registered education NGO in Sanjay Colony, a low income community in Delhiā€™s industrial area. It is the sister organisation of the travel company Delhi by Locals,

Our History

Pradeep Kumar founded Learning by Locals in 2017 with profits from his travel company Delhi by Locals. He himself learned English through an education NGO, Manzil, and has been a volunteer teacher for the past ten years. Pradeep saw a need for an organization like the one that helped in the Sanjay Colony. With the support of friends at Manzil, he and his team acquired space and launched a center teaching after-school english, computer, and photography classes. Learning by locals now has 40 regular students and classes running seven days a week. In just a short time, Learning by Locals has become a thriving community center where students gather for far more than just classes.

Our Activities


Art & Fun


Fun Kite Play



Playful Path

Communication Workshop

Movie Time